Put methane to work

The HashGen uses excess or wasted sources of natural gas to power a remotely controllable hashing data center. Housed within a portable shipping container, we are currently offering the HashGen in 40, 75 and 110 kW configurations. 

Wasted energy, wasted opportunity

Bitcoin's energy intensive application of proof-of-work has created an exceptional opportunity to harness sources of wasted energy, such as methane, without the need for expensive and invasive infrastructure (pipelines, power lines, etc). 

Generate revenue and reduce methane emissions

Methane is approximately 30x more harmful than carbon dioxide with regards to heating the atmosphere.

Since Mining bitcoin is energy intesnsiv

Are you an oil and gas producer?

Let Upstream Data bring the market to your excess, bottle-necked or wasted sources of natural gas. We offer several options for you to earn revenue for every kilowatt-hour generated, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team today!

Email: sales@upstreamdata.ca

Are you a miner looking for hosting opportunities?

  • We offer hosting rates starting at $65 / kW-month (USD), and it only goes down from there.
  • Host your ASICs in your very own HashGen and benefit from the lowest hosting rates in the world, while letting us do the work.
  • Mine in the most environmentally friendly way available - reduce methane emissions by submitting cryptographic proofs!  

Is your methane lazy? See our brochure