Conserving wasted resources

ohmm mining bitcoin ohm modular container ASIC wasted energy low cost skid

Modular mining solutions

Our ohmm™ mining skids are designed to monetize stranded resources such as vented and flared natural gas and idle or under-loaded power plants.  

Specifically designed for oil and gas facilities, we offer pre-designed modular units capable of up to 750 kW of load in one small 20' footprint. 


Stop burning, start earning

Bitcoin's proof-of-work has created an unprecedented opportunity to conserve sources of wasted energy without the need for invasive infrastructure (pipelines, power lines, etc). 

Energy is directly converted into money regardless of where the energy is located.


Profit while reducing methane emissions

Methane has approximately 25x more global warming potential than carbon dioxide.

Install one of Upstream Data's ohmm™ mining skids and generate revenue while reducing methane emissions at the same time!

Upstream Data presents ohmm™ mining:


Pre-designed & custom bitcoin mining skids for oilfield

The future of bitcoin mining is portable! Our ohmm™ modular bitcoin mining skids can plug in to any wasted power source, wherever it is located:


  1. Stranded natural gas such as venting and flaring of associated gas 
  2. Relieve bottlenecked process facilities with our portable solutions
  3. Surplus, idle & under-loaded engines & generating sets can be put to work to earn more revenue
  4. Our ohmm mining skids are a cost-efficient option for traditional grid-power mining


  • Up to 750 kW of mining load in a single modular 20' mining skid
  • Up to 75 kW of mining load in a stackable 8' mining skid
  • 240VAC, 3-Phase, 4-Wire power input (custom input optional)
  • Automated & load-following for applications with variable fuel/power availability
  • Remote circuit control (optional)
  • Integrated natural gas aspirated power plant for an all-in-one, plumb-and-play solution


Upstream Data also offers COMPLIMENTARY engineering services to integrate our ohmm™ mining products into your application.

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