Mine Bitcoin using stranded natural gas

Put methane to work

Our first product, the HashGen, is designed specifically for stranded natural gas sources such as vented and flared natural gas at upstream oil and gas facilities. The HashGen uses low value natural gas to power energy-intensive bitcoin mining ASICs. Housed within a portable shipping container, we are currently offering the HashGen in up to 110 kW configurations with optional remote and automated capabilities. 

Stop burning, start earning

Bitcoin's energy intensive application of proof-of-work has created an exceptional opportunity to harness sources of wasted energy, such as methane, without the need for expensive and invasive infrastructure (pipelines, power lines, etc). 

Reduce methane emissions profitably

Methane is approximately 30x more harmful than carbon dioxide with regards to heating the atmosphere.

Instead of wasting revenue, install one of our HashGen skids and generate revenue at the source while reducing methane emissions at the same time!

Are you an oil and gas producer?

Let Upstream Data bring the market to your excess, bottle-necked or wasted sources of natural gas. We offer:

  • Several HashGen product configurations designed to earn you revenue from the power you produce 
  • Custom Bitcoin mining facility engineering for any natural gas facility

Email: sales@upstreamdata.ca for more information


See below for our HashGen product brochure and information booklet about bitcoin mining in oil and gas.